Sant Jordi

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April 23 is Sant Jordi Day, a very special day in Catalonia and even more so in Barcelona thanks to the convergence of the celebration of Saint George, Catalonia's Patron Saint, with Book Day. The legend says (and history corroborates) that both Shakespeare and Cervantes—and the great Catalan writer Josep Pla—all died on April 23rd. Mostly it's a good excuse to fill the streets with books and roses. Well, books and roses and people, since the latter come out en masse to buy the former two as gifts!

It's hard to explain why this makes such a great show, probably the best show that you can see and experience in Barcelona. Perhaps it's because you can really be a part of it, either by joining in the party, browsing books and mixing in with the crowds on the Rambles, or just as well by sitting in a café and watching it all go by. Everyone who's ever been in Catalonia on Sant Jordi remembers it fondly, and Catalans look forward all year long to the day where love and culture come together in such a special way.

Our conference runs from April 19–21, with Sant Jordi beginning 24 hours later. We invite you to stay two days in our city and enjoy this magnificent day. It is the best gift we can give you.

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